Simplification. That is one of the things that I learnt recently in my journey towards Financial Freedom.

Essentially, Simplification is about reducing your excess expenses; it’s about minimising whatever you thought you needed before, but perhaps you don’ really need it; it’s about holding off instant gratification for future gains; it’s about looking at life in another perspective.

Now, I admit that I pre-registered for the new iphone 4.

Cause it was screaming to me, “BUY ME!!!” And I was really excited about it.

Then the pragmatic me took over and asked, “Do I really need it? Can I put the s$630 aside and invest it?  Still, it’s really tempting…

And perhaps I can work around it. Perhaps I can work hard on my business and let my passive income do the job to buy that for me, instead of me using my active income to do it?  Yes I think I’ll do that.  So this is a declaration to all, that I will only buy the iphone4, 5 or 6, only if my passive income exceeds my expenses.

Then perhaps it’s time for a treat.



Discover. Simplification. Freedom.


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