Healthy living is a choice that you can make. And you can choose to live your life just the way you want it to be.

In my earlier post, I shared on how eating right and exercising sufficiently is a great choice to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Many people are still in danger of living too short and lying too long because they are unaware of the next two facts. Once you realised it, you would want to take action in choosing the right way to live your life. Therefore, I would try my best to share with you through this post as well as through a series of health post on how you can choose to live to a ripe old age, and die shorter.

Hence these are the next two ways to live your life by choice and not by chance.

Reducing Stress. Stress comes in various forms such as smoking, excessive drinking, work related, and even in relationships. If you are caught in any of these situations, chances are, you suffer from fatigue occasionally. Stress is one of the greatest culprits of degenerative diseases that we see today because stress produces a lot of toxins and free radicals in your body. You might not believe in free radicals, but then again, many people in the past, never knew that mould could help in killing germs! So you could refuse to believe and live the way you used to, or to change your mindset and take action to reduce stress in your life.

A friend of mine used to suffer from nausea spells. It was awful because he would often throw up just before presentations to the big boss. It seemed that he was getting stressed over the fact that he had to speak to people. His superior who noticed his behaviour decided to speak to him about it and asked him if he would like do more administrative and research work, which were less stressful. That helped, and he no longer suffered from nausea spells after that.

Optimum Nutritional Supplements
. This is the least popular way of staying healthy as many people hate the fact that they have to pop pills and to be reminded daily. Imagine lugging bottles of vitamins?

However it is the most important. The reason being, we all need to repair our bodies, and optimum nutritional supplements are able to reach out to the body’s molecular structure in ways that eating right, exercising and reducing stress are not able to do. Nutritional supplements are what you would refer as preventive medicine. With the optimum amount, you would be able to decrease the likelihood of many degenerative diseases. Some of the health benefits includes an enhanced immune system; weight maintenance; increased energy; decreased risk of most cancers and heart diseases, just to name a few.

When my wife was pregnant, I searched everywhere for good nutritional supplements. I wanted to find one that was pharmaceutical graded and optimum in quality because I wanted my wife to eat what she saw in the label. It was just too risky to pop unsafe pills! In fact it was through my search of optimum nutritional supplements for my wife, which led me to start my health and wellness business.

So do you think that if you begin a consistent exercise programme while embarking on good balanced diets and at the same time reducing stress, it could help you achieve a healthy lifestyle? Last but not least, which is the most important one, you should aim to eat nutritional supplements which are optimum in quality and quantity.



Chew Mark, Basic PLUS Author


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