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Over the next 4 weeks, I’ll discuss 5 myths about working from home. Below are the 5 myths, and in this post, I will  briefly discuss on the first myth.

Myth 1: You have more free time

Mythe 2: You are in the business by yourself

Myth 3: It is a Get Rich Quick way

Myth 4: You will make a lot of money

Myth 5: You must be a good sales person


Myth 1: You have more free time

Isn’t this great? The ability to have more free time? No more boss to look over your shoulders? No more tight project deadlines to meet? No more pesky colleagues to gossip with you?

Well, the truth is while you definitely will have more free time, you now have to learn to plan your time so well that you can have the free time.

Because there are no after hours, you have to decide and allocate family time, fun time, work time, lunch time… you get the gist? And you have to do it well so that it doesn’t eat into the most important time and that is WORK and FAMILY time. You see, you can never FIND time. No one can. You can however SCHEDULE time.

These are some tips to help you schedule time in your home business:
1) Set regular business working hours.
2) Plan your daily activities a week ahead, so that you would be able to plan for any contingencies.
3) Make your money work hard for you, by ensuring that you have a credible system to work, even when you need to look after the kids or sleep at night.
4) If you work part-time, you might have to plan to work in the night as well, slowly but surely.

If you treat the home business seriously, you would realise the resulting exponential effects of your home business in due course.


Chew Mark, EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author

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