Welcome back. I’ll run through the 5 myths again to refresh your mind, and in this last post for this series, I will briefly touch on the fifth myth.

Myth 1: You have more free time

Myth 2: You are in the business by yourself

Myth 3: It is a Get Rich Quick way

Myth 4: You will make a lot of money

Myth 5: You must be a good sales person

Myth 5: You must be a good sales person

Well, the truth is, if you hate to sell, you better be off living in an island as a hermit.

Even if you are not sellling supplements or insurance, and you decide to set up an accounting home based business, it could only be successful when you sell your services to others! There is absolutely no way you can escape from selling.

However, selling in this case would mean, you are so efficient in your services that your satisfied clients would refer you to others.

So the secret is this, it’s not about how hard you sell, but rather how much your clients want to buy from you. If they are satisfied, they will tell their friends and their friends will tell others. But in order to reach out to this group of friends, you must learn to mix around with more friends. And to mix with the friends of your friends.

This is the secret of how networking helps in any home business.

So while you do not need to start your own home business, being a darn good sales person, you can learn from your mistakes and to continue selling and selling!


Chew Mark, EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author

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