Sometimes we look at the news around us and read that some one has made it big due to the idea he had. What’s bothering is that had the very same idea as him some time back. And we mull over what could have been our success. We say to ourselves – The idea was mine, I could have been there. But we forget. It isn’t the idea that is great, it is the action of bringing the idea to fruition that is.

I have this mantra that is simple but powerful – Action, at the speed of thought. Let us all remember, the thinking is powerful, but the actions differentiate us. Knowing that we need insurance, or financial planning, or that A-star investment strategy is simply not enough. We must do. We need to sit up and reach out to find those who are willing to help and share. We need to get out of the comfort zone and get our hands dirty. For only when we try, do we know if we are competent enough. And only when we find out that we are not, do we actually learn what is necessary.


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