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In this last installment of the 5-part series, I will share with you the 5th Golden Rule for Success in Any Business
Let’s go through the previous four, and they were
1. See More People
2. See More People
3. See More People
4. Know the Law of Averages

Now, the 5th Golden Rule for success is:
5 . Improve Your Law of Averages

In the previous post, you learned that to win in any game, you needed to know the rules. And the rules were to know your averages. Now, you need to improve your law of averages so that you can win, not just once, but consistently, over and over again. This is because consistency is the hallmark of a champion.

I will now share with you all an example.

After a 3 months blitz in my business, I did a calculation on my Law of Averages and I came up with the following statistics.
June to August 2010
Number of Calls / Leads: 60
Number who picked up: 29
Number who watched the Online Presentation: 20
Number of Partnership Calls: 11
Number who Signed up as Business Partners: 4

So my 3 months average was:
Number of Calls / Leads: 20
Number who picked up: 10
Number who watched Online Presentation: 7
Number of Partnership Calls: 4
Number who Signed: 1

According to Allan Pease, best-selling author of “Why Men don’t listen & Women can’t read maps” his average closing insurance sales were 10:5:4:3:1
Phone Calls: 10 calls would be made
Appointments: 5 would agree to appointment
Presentations: 4 would turn up for presentation
Closes: 3 would complete the presentation proper
Sales: 1 would purchase
He commented, “I knew that if 10 people answered the phone, 5 would agree to see me and I’d end up with $300 commission. This equalled $30 for every time a prospect answered the phone.”

You see, my ratios and statistics let me focus on where I did right, and where I can improve. So in your case, once you view your business in ratios, you would never have to guess what’s going to happen next.

So the next big challenge for all of us is How Long Does It Take You to Talk to 10 People about your Business? Because your answer would determine your growth rate.

Remember that it’s not the prospects that you didn’t convince, but rather it’s the prospects you didn’t see!!!

So in summary, one way to improve your law of averages is to see next year’s customers this year, and catch tomorrow’s customers today!


Chew Mark, EzineArticles.com Basic PLUS Author

To find out more about how you can apply these rules to a successful business, log on to this site with the following password 3285981
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