enjoying life at the twilight of your time.

Have you ever wondered what would life be like when you retired? Sitting on your favorite furniture, rocking your way to soft music, and enjoying the time freedom that you now possess. Or even looking at the horde of children or grandchildren enjoying themselves with all the gadgets and play tools that you have bought them? Or have you thought of traveling the world and the seven seas, breathing in the fresh airs of new and foreign environments? Whichever the case, you have worked three-quarters of your life away. Retirement is time for you to enjoy the fruits of your labor and toil. After all those years of slogging and countless hours spent up to finish your work, there is no better time for you to take a break and slow down your pace of life. You deserve it.

Retirement is a right. It is a luxury. It is not a standard set by anyone. No one should determine whether or not you are fit and able to work. You are your body’s master. You know how much fuel you have in your tank. Only you know when is a good time to give up all those hours of work and toil. You retire because you want it. You retire because you feel that it is time for you to now take a break. You retire because you can. No one can stop you from retiring earlier or later than you truly wish. You retire because it is now time for you to enjoy the facets of life that you have not seen before. Retirement is a joy.

Unfortunately, most people do not understand this. Caught in the fast paced culture of our everyday lives, it is not hard to understand why the masses fail to grasp the concept of retirement. We often get so caught up with all the work in our jobs that we forget to think about our lives when we finally do stop for a break. Most people have a notion of what they roughly want. They know that they need to enjoy themselves when the time comes. They know that they want to enjoy themselves. But, we don’t stop and think about how to get there.

Retirement is not just a destination. It is a journey. It is our walk from youth to maturity. It is a realization of what we believe in and what we want. As with all journeys, knowing where the end is, is not the end. We all need to learn from our walk. We need to learn the skills and tasks necessary to get to our destination. Ask any mountain climber. He or she knows that the top of the mountain is his or her final destination.

we need the tools and skills too!

But the climber needs to know how to get up there! The climber needs the tools necessary to aid him in his or her climb. He or she needs to have the skills to use the tools and to understand the environment in order to scale the mountain.

Planning for retirement is no different. We all need to know how we want to reach our final goals and dreams. The most pertinent subject of matter to our dreams is money. As much as we all don’t like the sound of money to taint the goals and dreams that we have painted for ourselves, it is just realistic. We need to have at least enough of it for us to be able attain our dreams. Some of us do have the skills and expertise to management our finances. In fact, all of us do! But, most of us do not have sufficient experience or knowledge to apply financial management concepts to our dreams.

“Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

The above quote is by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. He was a German writer and polymath. Let us now take some time to examine the quote and understand its relevance to this subject. We all understand how important financial management is, but few of us take the steps necessary to manage it. So why don’t we all take a few moments off our hectic timetables and busy schedules? Take a moment to think about your future. Take a moment and think about how you want to reach there.

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