What else can’t your iPhone do? From calling, to texting, to playing games, to working on the go. You name it, the iPhone …most probably has it. Singapore’s Health Promotion Board is one of the latest government backed entity to get into the hype.

Called the HPB DietTracker, this little health aid helps you to track what have you been eating and your food’s respective calories. Since the HPB’s mission is to develop a healthier Singapore, it is free for all to download. Take a read below to see how useful this App is and download it! Since it is free, there is no harm having such a useful tool in your phone!

Health Promotion Board's DietTracker

Here are some of the screenshots of the HPB DietTracker App for the iPhone:

Screenshot 1

The App starts up with a relatively simple and easy-to-understand interface. It gives the user a brief overview of what the App can do for the user.

Screenshot 2

It then goes on to build the user’s profile by requesting some basic information from the user.

Screenshot 3

As mentioned, it has a inbuilt program to help the user to check how much calories one is taking in. It requires the user to conscientiously input the amounts of food that he or she consumes.

Screenshot 4

The App then goes on to analyze and calculate what the user has consumed for the day. With numbers and values crunched out like these, the user is able to counter check with his or her intake guides or requirements. The App essentially enables one to adjust his or her diet towards what is necessary to keep their health levels in check.

Screenshot 5

Lastly, the App also allows the user to search for foods and study their calorie and fat content. While the a part of the App helps you to track what the user has been eating, this part of the App aids the user in studying the foods before actually consuming them.



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