Aim for Your Goals.

Aim for Your Goals.

It is a new year (we’re still in January!). Every time a new year dawns upon us, new year resolutions will follow. Let us ask ourselves, what exactly are resolutions? When we make them, do we actually mean it? Will we actually accomplish them? How serious are we in making these resolutions happen?

On a more serious note, resolutions are actually goals. They are things that we envision at the start of the year, which we hope to do by the end of the year. But, if we actually mean what we say. We should prepare ourselves for the promises that we make.

Say, for example, John wishes to lose weight by the end of the year. The goal that he has set for himself is to lose weight. However, this is not the end of that goal. Goals need to be a little more, specific than that. John needs to know how much weight does he want to lose exactly. Would 10 kg be enough? What about 20 kg? And while we are on this topic, is the target of losing 20 kg realistic or too far-fetched? And even if he has deemed that 15kg of weight loss is good enough for him, the next question is – how is he going to do that? He is not going to lose weight by simply knowing that he wants to. He has to be prepared to go through schedules that will eventually manage his weight. John needs to plan how he is going to go about losing all those weight. He needs to have discipline.

You might think – Wow! All these requires so much effort! But, it is all required. Goals that we set for ourselves cannot be frivolously set. We have to be serious about it. If not, we will just return to the plain old beings that we were and we wanted to change from. Humans are like water, we always find the easiest way out. Thus, in order not to fall into the comfort zone trap, we need to be serious and make some actual changes to ourselves.

The goals that we set have to follow a few rules. The most common of all is the SMART approach. Goals have to be SPECIFIC. They have to be defined with as much detail as possible. Don’t miss out on all the details. Be as detailed and descriptive as possible. Goals have to be MEASURABLE. They have to be quantifiable. In order for one to keep track of his or her goals, measurable techniques will aid one in doing so. Goals have to be ATTAINABLE. Some of us like to dream big. However, the goals have to be in reach. This is so that, we will not lose hope and give up on the very goals that we set for ourselves. Goals have to be REALISTIC. They have to be what one truly wants. It cannot be a far-fetched target that one sets without having the faith that he or she can reach it. Goals have to have a TIME FRAME. They have to be bound by time windows so that we will not take too long to accomplish them.

Why is the topic of goal-setting being discussed here? This is important, to every single one of us. In all disciplines of our life, we cannot expect to just go with the flow and expect to reach what we want for ourselves. We need to cultivate a culture of setting goals and developing the discipline of attaining them. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Start to set your goals now and work towards a better life.


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