In this shocking revelation in the local medical industry, it seemed that a renowned surgeon, Dr Susan Lim, had billed a Brunei patient $40m over 4 years. This blog is not to probe whether she was right or wrong, but rather to underscore the importance of taking care of one’s health in the early stages as well as to ensure that you have the funds in the war chest to fund yourself and your family, should you ever (touch wood!) suffer from such illnesses.

Importance of Annual Health Checks

I recently went to change my car tires and I was shocked to have a $2000 over bill slapped upon me because not only the tires needed to be change, the front and back suspension as well as the batteries and brake pads needed change! Wow… that occurred to me that I was fortunate to check this now. What if I missed out on this and a resulting car accident happened?

I then thought about my health, and the health of others. If I could spend time and money on a car to check for its maintenance… what about my health checks?  When was the last time you did a medical check up? If ever… I mean most of us wouldn’t even go to see the dentist after we graduate from school ( a visit to the dentist was free during schooling days)!

Do yourself and your loved ones a favour and go for a routine check up.

Importance of Good Supplements

This is one aspect that many people would beg to differ. They feel that eating healthily and a balanced diet would suffice. I am really cool with this because I only wish to share, and not compel. The food we eat cannot be compared to the food grown 10 – 20 years ago. Even the nutrients in the soil has decreased dramatically. And farmers who are pressured to sell more at a shorter time, are not willing to invest time and nutrients to increase the fertility of the soil.

So if you are what you eat… you are literally just eating the stalks and fibrous parts of the plants that has little or no nutrients.

Hence while supplements may not be an issue 10-20 years ago, eating them in today’s modern world makes much sense because you literally get what you really need in a pill. Vitamins and minerals that are meant to be in your body are all recharged so that you can perform more efficiently.

Importance of Exercise

You are not meant to sit and type all day. Remember when you were young, you used to jump and dance whenever an interesting music was on air? Why stop now just because you are older? You are built for movement and therefore to exercise.

The world’s most popular goal is to lose weight. Followed by writing a book, and then to stop procrastinating. Find some time to exercise, even if it is climbing up stairs to your office, or to walk a little more from home to bus-stop.

It  would do your heart and lungs some good. Oxygen needs to be brought to every part of your body so that optimum health function can be performed. If you think you are fat… well a simple test is this… If it jiggles, it’s fats! Then don’t just think about losing weight. Act on it.

Importance of Proper Health Insurance Coverage

We will never know if all of the above can fully defend us from any incident or accident. But one thing is for sure… and that is insurance is the only investment known to mankind that accurately determines the payout upon maturity. Maturity Date is defined as payout date due to accident or upon confirmed medical report of illness.

Ask yourself this… if you have challenges getting by in terms of standard and cost of living during normal working days… will it get better when disaster strikes and you can’t work any more? If you think your bills will pay for itself during such crises, you would be as delusional as  Libyan strongman Muammar Gaddafi when he said, “All my people love me,” during the recent uprising.

Essentially, start taking care of yourself first before others decide to take care of you.

You don’t want to get charged with a hefty $40million health bill. Even if you are as rich as the sultans.



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