You don’t need to spend more than 4hrs to run a marathon, or to spend an hour in the gym to keep fit. All you need is the desire to maintain your health, and then take massive action to execute this 10 minutes regime daily.

2 minutes:
Start by doing basic stretches. You may start from stretching your ankles all the way up to your neck, or to start from neck then working your way down to your ankles.


Don’t expect to rest too much during this 8 minutes as it would be a flurry of activities to get your heart pumping and your lungs screaming for oxygen!

Exercise 1:

Execute your maximum number of Push-Ups in the first set of exercise. Hit the deck, and spread your arms wide apart. Aim to keep your chest level to the ground and your head facing ahead. Once you feel your arms burning, move on.

Exercise 2:

Next, is to execute about twenty squat repetitions. Cup your hands to your ears and keep your back straight as you lower yourself using just your thigh muscles. Once you complete, repeat both sets continuously till your watch beeps.

If you feel tired, then “rest” by doing sit-ups or flutter kicks. In other words, there is really very little time spent on standing, doing nothing!

So that’s it! 3 simple exercises that I’m sharing today for a 10 minutes work-out. Just do it!




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