Our strategists for Hands Free Investing are one of the finest in their disciplines. GIANTS LEARNING TECHNOLOGIES is proud to present and host them in our workshops.


Choo Koon Lip is the Founder of Forex Asia Academy, provider of practical Forex education and dynamic Forex strategies that are applicable to the ever-changing currency market. Recognized as one of the World’s Youngest Forex Educator in trading industry, Koon Lip is ranked as one of the top Forex educators by independent ForexForum.asia, The Automated Forex Trading Meetup Group (Singapore) and Singapore Forex Forum. Renowned in the Trading industry and featured in various press media, Koon Lip was first a trader, then an educator. He still actively trades, and he is Asia’s most sought after brokerage consultant. His consultancy extent reaches to London, Dubai, Wellington, Istanbul and GuangZhou. He is also the best-selling author of ‘The Lemming Trader’. Koon Lip was featured on the list of media platforms as seen below. Read more about him here.


Terence Tan is the Director of First Traders Network, an education provider of passive income creation in the stock market through options to investors. Terence developed his investment portfolio as a successful Investment Manager over stint of 5 years. Having graduated from the University of Queensland in 2003 with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting & Finance), Terence was awarded the Deans Honors Roll. Terence is one of the World’s Youngest Income Trading Educator in the industry who specializes in income creation through investments with minimal time spent and has been a boutique fund trader for stocks and futures options, futures, commodities and FOREX as well. He was also a 6 times SEA Games Gold Medalist with the Singapore Water Polo Team.


Mark Chew is the Founder and Principal Strategist for Giants Learning Technologies, a personal and professional development strategist firm. Mark’s expertise in leadership, personal development and coaching hails from the numerous years of experience at the helm of the institutions he has been with. He has led his schools’ prefectorial boards, faculties and sports teams for close to 15 years in his education tenure. He was a regular combat officer in the Singapore Armed Forces, and worked in business development for MNCs such as Stratixy Consultings and ACTM Pte Ltd. Mark is a certified NLP Practitioner and is also an accomplished author of the book – Discover Your Leadership Style, and Adventures in Manifesting: Health and Happiness. He has been featured in the Straits Times, 938 Live Radio Station, and in several professional magazines, such as CPA Singapore and Leadership Excellence, a leading USA based leadership platform. Mark frequently speaks and coaches in a wide spectrum of  schools, public platforms, as well as corporate institutions.

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