“I would rather have one percent of 100 people’s efforts than 100 percent of my own.”

Andrew Carnegie

November 25 1835 – August 11 1919

Industrialist, Businessman, Entrepreneur



Do you know that the inflation rate in Singapore was last reported at 5.4% in October 2011?

And do you know that your salary increase was forecasted to be ONLY 4.2%? If it even increased at all?

Well . . . wouldn’t you want to know how you can circumvent this?

 What would you do if we show you a down-to-earth strategy that can help you make fully automated returns between 2% – 5% a month?

And what if you only need to do a periodic review once every quarter or once a year?


Well, you only have to see it for yourself.

Regardless of whether the economy is feeling bearish or bullish, you should empower yourself with knowledge to build your own financial pipelines.  Let’s get real. Your SALARY will never increase as much as INFLATION.

Unless you discover your personal financial blueprint

After all, more than 80% of the world’s Millionaires are the true architects of their personal financial blueprints.

In addition, all Successful FOREX Investors are Optimists! And they will always be optimistic of the FOREX market, because they have the RIGHT formula and mindset.

Risks CAN be lowered with essential and timely knowledge.

Now, you would want to discover what the RIGHT FOREX formula and success mindset is, right? 

The HANDS FREE INVESTMENT Workshop was therefore developed in collaboration with Terence Tan, and Choo Koon Lip so as to help participants understand the complexities of the International FOREX market.

Recognized as one of the World’s Youngest Forex Educator in trading industry, Koon Lip is ranked as one of the top Forex educators by independent ForexForum.asia, The Automated Forex Trading Meetup Group (Singapore) and Singapore Forex Forum. He is also the best-selling author of ‘The Lemming Trader’ and a renowned Forex Brokerage Consultant.

Terence is one of the World’s Youngest Income Trading Educator in the industry who specializes in income creation through investments with minimal time spent and has been a boutique fund trader for stocks and futures options, futures, commodities and FOREX as well. He is now the Director of First Traders Network who educates investors on passive income creation in the stock market through options.

Sounds GOOD?

Well, we will up the ante.

In fact, WE will show you how YOU can earn some money first! Imagine getting your first stream of income simply by modeling after successful people?

All you need to do is to come on down to our COMPLIMENTARY HANDS FREE INVESTING DEMONSTRATION WORKSHOP now. Do check out some of what our past participants have to say!

This workshop will demonstrate all you need to know in earning that extra stream of income. We believe that before we teach you how to ride a bicycle, you should try riding it first. Ride on our expertise and earn that stream of income first. Any thing else, can come after.

Sign up NOW, and we will guide you on your first steps to building your first stream of income! Seats and bonuses are limited!

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  1. Randy says:

    Hi GIANTS, I praise your blog!

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